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PS2 Flip top cover slim versie

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PS2 Flip top cover slim versie
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The Flip-Top PS2 Covers allow you to play PS2 CDR & DVDR back-ups with the Swap Magic PS2 Boot Discs. This is performed by swapping the store-bought (original) Swap Magic Disc with your burned PS2 CDR & DVDR back-ups by lifting the Flip-Top lid. PS2 Flip-Top CoverWhy can't I swap my discs using the Reset/Eject Button on the PS2? The reason you cannot do this is because EACH and EVERY time you press the RESET/EJECT button on your PS2 a signal is sent to the CPU of the console telling it the CD/DVD tray has been opened or closed. As soon as the PS2 receives this signal, it automatically re-checks the disc in the drive to verify that it is a legitimate copy before booting it up to play.

PS2 Flip-Top CoverDo I have to buy the FLIP-TOP COVER to do this "Swap Trick" on my PS2?

No. However, if you don't use the Flip-Top lid you will need to leave your factory PS2 cover OFF when performing the swap of the Swap Magic Disc and your PS2 CDR or DVDR back-up. This leaves the PS2 open to dust, and with the cover left off your PS2 is more susceptible to damage from someone moving it while left apart.