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XCM HDMI Blaster

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XCM HDMI Blaster
€ 79,99

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Convert analog signal from older console/devices to the new High Definition standard digital signal (HDMI) with XCM HDMI Blaster.

  • Finally an HDMI converter for older (hdmi-less) consoles that brings the analog signal into the digital age. 
  • Converts your old analog signal to the new High Definition standard digital signal (HDMI).
  • Compatible with Wii, PS 2, Original Xbox consoles, Game cube,psp slim and more
  • Also compatible with any component (YbPbR) signal (ie: DVD Player, DVB, Cable Box, Satellite Receiver, etc) 
  • Experience the Brilliant, Colorful and Sharp video output on your HDTV. 
  • Support any device with VGA output,input resolution for vga is 800*600, 1024*768 - Work on any HDTV or Monitor with HDMI or DVI input
  • Fully automatic power supply management. When there is no input signal, the power supply will terminate automatically for power saving.