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Gotek HXC & buzzer & LCD

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Gotek HXC & buzzer & LCD
€ 79,99

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Commodore Amiga Gotek Drive +  geluid (buzzer) +  LCD scherm

  • Inclusief beeldschermpje bestand- en drivetrackinginformatie  (werkt super)
  • Buzzing "drivespeaker" ingebouwd door ombouwwereld (werkt super)
  • Voor alle Amiga versies! 500/600/1000/1200/2000 &
  • Atari ST alle versies
  • Amstrad
  • Komplete Commodore Amiga drive "cased" 
  • Firmware geupdate (Firmware 3.0.9 April 2017)
  • incl. 4 gigabyte kaartje 
  • Incl. dvd met alle Games van Commodore Amiga  (ook ZZAP en Megatapes) 



Floppy interface:

  • HE10 34 pins floppy connector :
  • Shugart compatible mode supported.
  • PC compatible mode supported.
  • Tested on PC, Atari ST, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Thomson, MSX, ZX Spectrum series computers.
  • Two floppy disk drives emulation
  • standard 3,5" bay dimensions

Power supply:

  • 5V +/- 10% standard power floppy connector input.

User Interface:

SDCard support:

  • SD Card up to 2GB.
  • SDHC Card supported up to 32GB.
  • (10Mhz SPI bus mode. Average byterate: ~500KB/s)

SDCard Filesystem

  • FAT32 supported. Subdirectory and long name file supported.

List of supported file images type:

  • ST, MSA, ADF, ADZ, DMZ, CPC DSK (standard and extended)
  • CopyQM DSK, Oric DSK, IMG, SMC,MSX DSK, IMD, Zx Spectrum DSK, BetaDisk TRD,
  • BetaDisk SCL, Thomson TO8D SAP, Thomson TO8D FD, PC88 D88, x68000 HDM (beta), x68000 XDF (beta), custom raw floppy geometry…
  • An AmigaDOS or FAT12 floppy disk image can also be generated from spares files.

Read / Write support:

  • Track mode based floppy emulator (Full track pre-encoded in the HFE image file)
  • Read support: Most of existing formats (FM/MFM/Amiga track...) supported. 
  • Custom tracks supported.
  • Write support:ISO MFM/DD 256/512/1024Bytes sector write supported.
  • Write support: ISO FM /SD 128/256/512/1024Bytes sector write supported.
  • Amiga Write support (Since the Rev.C Hardware) 
  • E-mu (Emulator I / II /SP1200) Write support (Since the Rev.C Hardware)

 Floppy bitrate supported:

  • 250/300Kbits/s (DD floppies)
  • 500Kbits/s (HD floppies)
  • (others bitrates possible)

Note : Variable bitrate not supported. So protected floppy disk image (IPF and STX file format) file support will be only partial ! If you look for a device supporting IPF / STX please a have a look to the USB HxC Floppy Emulator device)