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Supergun Jamma SmallCab Deluxe (v2.2)

Supergun Jamma SmallCab Deluxe (v2.2)
€ 68,00

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Plaatjes zijn van 8bit plus website uit Engeland ..Wij hebben het zelf getest en het werkt perfect! geen vertraging met de controller of het beeld. Ideal voor Neo Geo en Jamma games zoals Street Fighter 2 / Mortal Kombat 2.

The Supergun SmallCab Deluxe (v2.2) will allow you to use JAMMA-style arcade cards directly on your TV equipped with a scart socket.

The improvements over the V1 are:

  • Added a voltmeter that displays the exact voltage of the 5V closest to the JAMMA port.
  • Passage of standard JAMMA (up to 5 buttons on the JAMMA port) to Asian JAMMA managing 6 buttons on the JAMMA port via a jumper (Player 1 and 2 differentiated).
  • Powering the DB15 ports in 5V via a switch.
  • Management of an external ON / OFF switch (only for ATX power supplies) via a switch.
  • Added two Cinch ports for audio output (unamplified).
  • Added buttons Test, service and coin2 directly on the Supergun.

Features Dimensions Outside:

  • 17cm * 11,5cm.
  • Power ATX (400W certified 80 Bronze plus) (possibility to connect an ON / OFF button).
  • Arcade terminal (allows you to adjust + 5V) (optional).
  • Video output Scart RGB Audio output: Mono or stereo.
  • Scart Terminal Jack (Golden) Minijack (unamplified passive speaker) Control Management Supports six buttons (Pandora Box 6 PCB support for example).
  • Neo Geo Joystick up to; six buttons (possibility to feed the stick in + 5V for the peanut stick).
  • Joysticks / buttons arcade & agrave; connect to a terminal block.
  • Breakthrough PCB for mounting on a stand.

To complete your Supergun you will need:

  • Joysticks Neo Geo or arcade.
  • A PC-compatible ATX power supply or an arcade power supply + 5V, + 12V (and -5V).
  • A quality SCART cable to connect the Supergun & amp; your TV.